Living room session.

Meditation concert/Workshop.

Davide Swarup is often said to be a « soul player ». As a hang musician, a very unique one, he inspires and blows the mind away from thoughts or mental mechanisms.

Listening to his melodies is a way of meditating. Davide himself plays in a meditative state, allowing the music to come to him, without the ego or any kind of control interfering. The energy just flows through him, as if channelled: his compositions come to him from somewhere out there and make them so special. Body, hands and fingers, so relaxed and smooth, become the translation of a beyond as well as the pure expression of the here and now. Through improvisation, the present moment reveals itself in all its beauty. One of Davide’s favorite sentences is: “let’s see what happens”. This very “happening” is really what can be heard in his hang music, as a way to enhance each and every moment that comes and goes. Davide enables us to listen to the power of mindfulness, to the inner freedom from which life just expresses itself.

Attending Davide Swarup’s concert has something very special: one can witness and feel the subtle and invisible energy coming along with the vibrations of his Hang. The musician seems to be a channel for the divine to be heard, speaking to our heart and to a deeper part of ourselves. Touching this very inner space, this music makes it move and beat.

One of the most common reactions when people hear him playing for the first time is to stop. While busking, Davide has often seen passers-by walk past him, then suddenly stop and go back: to listen. Something, an inner and thirsty room in the soul, holds them and craves his music. To let go, to soothe, to synchronise.

The beauty of the Hang sound and its frequencies indeed convey a strong feeling of inner harmony, even stronger thanks to the deep symbiosis Davide is in with his instrument.

For Davide’s part, things are very simple. As he says, “I just play what I love”.

This, we can definitely hear.
Talking About Medication Costs Yields Rewards

Arambolla Project.

The latest project of the Hang Pioneer Davide Swarup and the legendary Erich Lehna on guitar FX.
Together with Constantin Kayatma with Electronix. The perfect mix for a live psy-chillout trance set.

The Hand Pan melodies and sensitivity of Davide Swarup are melted with the psychedelich rock background of Erich Lehna, supported by sound design and live electronix of Kayatma.
Diving between the structured tracks with improvisation.

“Moments of soul touching experiences are shaken up by down tempo beat and grooves.  Creating a complete magical, unexpected journey.”


Davide Swarup & Kayatma.

It´s a new formed duo from the renowned Handpan Pioneer Davide Swarup from Italy, with the sound producer and composer, Kayatma from Russia.
The concert is a live set. 
The duo combine the magic and beauty of the Handpan with electronic beats and sound design.
They have an interesting approach to combine the live playing of the Hand pan with the live contribution of Electronic music.
A new experimental project for Hand Pan and dance lovers.


The duo is born in 2017, after two years playing with Erich Lehna in Arambolla Project.
The program vary from dance set, to chill out set and meditation set.



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