TERMS & Conditions hang giveaway



The prize

  • The winner will receive a hand pan owned by Davide Swarup.
  • The instrument is an original PANArt Hang in D minor, number 0161, manufactur year 2006.
  • The prize is not refundable for money.
  • The Hang comes with the original contract from PANArt.
  • The instrument will be perfectly tuned at the moment of sending or delivery.
    It will come with an Evatek Turtle case from Hardcase Technologies or with his original PANArt Bag. At the discretion of the winner. Both case are owned and being used by Davide Swarup and autographed.
  • The instrument will be send via private courier to the winner or delivered personally from Davide Swarup, when possible. This apply when the travel cost are not higher than shipping the prize.
    It will be discussed with the winner at the right time.
  • Shipping cost will be paid by Davide Swarup personally, if any.
  • After the prize has been claimed by the winner, the contract will go on his/her name and it wil be notified to PANArt.
  • Davide Swarup wish that the Hang will continue  its journey by staying with his new owner or given away , in the future, with another contest. So the instrument will keep on giving blessings to new owners.

The competition

  • Chances to win the prize are not for sale and they come automatically when buying Davide Swarup music only trough his website, during the promotional period: 15-04-2018 till 21-09-2018.
  • Unlimited amount of music can be bought to increase the chance of winning the prize.
  • It is mandatory to give an email address if the buyer of music wants to enrol in winning the prize.


The terms

  • When you purchase Davide Swarup‘s discography, trough any of the three given options, between the promotional period that goes from 15-04-2018 and 21-09-2018, you are automatically enrolled to win the prize and automatically  accept these term and conditions of the Give Away.
  • The winner  will be drawn on the 23-09-2018 on Swarup’s birthday, when the goal will be reached.
  • The claim of the prize will be valid only after reaching the goal of 2.000 buyers.
  • In case the goal will not be reached before the 21-09-2018, the promotion will be prolonged accordingly, to give everyone their chance. Till the reach of 2000 buyers.
  • The winner will be drawn live by Davide Swarup, trough his Youtube or Facebook Channel .
    It wil be decided accordingly to the logistics of the moment.

The goal

  • 2000 buyers. The promotional sale will be stopped at 2000 buyers, when will be reached before the 21.09.2018.

The winner

  • The winner will be contacted through email to claim its prize.
  • The winner will have two weeks to claim its prize from the drawing date.
  • A new drawn wil be done when the winner will refuse his prize or will not claim it in time.
  • For the new winner the same rules apply of claiming the prize within two weeks.
  • The winner of the prize will be responsible for any customs costs, if any.

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